Cedric Nunn

Cedric Nunn began to take photographs professionally in the early 1980s in South Africa and is well-known for images taken during the struggle period under Apartheid rule and from the transition to democracy in the 1990s. Nunn continues to live in the province where he was born. He has exhibited extensively in South Africa and Europe, and had his first solo show in the US at David Krut Projects in September, 2012.

His latest exhibition titled, Unsettled: One Hundred Years War of Resistance by Xhosa Against Boer and British, deals with the nine wars that Xhosa people were subjected to between 1779 and 1879 in their fight against Afrikaner and British colonial settler forces. The show will be exhibited in the US across three locations: Rhode Island School of Design, Benson Hall; Wheaton College, Beard and Weil Galleries and David Krut Projects, New York. Nunn will be in New York for the exhibition opening at David Krut Projects on the evening of September 10, 2015 and following this will spend three weeks in the US undertaking speaking engagements at universities including Rhode Island School of Design, Wheaton College, Yale University and The University of Virginia.

Launched at the Albany Museum's Fort Selwyn in Grahamstown on July 4, 2014 Unsettled has traveled throughout South Africa to venues including the Stellenbosch Art Gallery in October 2014 (as part of the Cape Town Month of Photography), UNISA Art Gallery in Pretoria in January, 2015, Wits Art Museum in March, 2015 and KZNSA in Durban in April, 2015. The work has also been shown at Seippel Gallery in Cologne, Germany. Two books of the work have been publiched to accompany the exhibition, by Archipelago Press in Brooklyn, NYC, and Wunderhorn Afrika in Germany.

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