Critical Interventions

Journal of African Art History and Visual Culture

Critical Interventions, published by Aachron (African Art Chronicles) in collaboration with David Krut Publishing, is a peer-reviewed journal of advanced research and writing on African art history and visual culture. Our mission is to provide a forum for cutting-edge scholarship in African art history and for sustained analysis of issues of urgent concern for the discipline.The journal proposes a critical intervention at a moment of great contradiction, when there are diminishing opportunities for new and in-depth scholarly research on African arts but also a parallel rise in interest in Africa's modernity among scholars and students. We believe that studies grounded in research in Africa and based on deep knowledge of historical and contemporary experiences of art and life in Africa can illuminate the fields of modern and contemporary art history in ways that are otherwise invisible to specialists in contemporary art in general. Critical Interventions thus aims to establish an international platform for questions of visual modernity and Africa.

252 pages
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ISBN: ISSN: 1930-1944
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