William Kentridge

The End of the Beginning

Documentary video of the artist explaining how Johannesburg and the Highveld affect his work; produced and directed by Beata Lipman of the Film Resource Unit, 1994 and contains the full FELIX IN EXILE film. The End of the Beginning is a documentary video by Beata Lipman on the artist William Kentridge. In this personal interview the artist explains the technique of his film making with clips from his movie Johannesburg 2nd Greatest City after Paris. This video offers an unique insight of the artist's creative process. It includes excerpts from films and the theatre work, Woyzek on the Highveld, 1992 produced together with the Handspring Puppet Company; Felix in Exile, the artist's 5th animated film in the series.

ISBN: 0-9584688-4-2
Price: $100