Embroidery and Empowerment in the Winterveld

One of the most important community art projects in South Africa is the Mapula Embroidery Project in the Winterveld. In addition to generating an income for economically disadvantaged women, Mapula embroideries couple high levels of technical and visual artistry with topics that speak eloquently of public histories as well as women's personal experiences.

Brenda Schmahmann discusses the complex circumstances that resulted in the founding of Mapula in 1991, when the Winterveld was part of the supposedly independent former 'homeland' of Bophuthatswana. She examines the histories and backgrounds of project members, revealing how women's experiences of disempowerment and underprivilege have been bound up with a politics of race and gender.

Author: Brenda Schmahmann
128 pages
25 x 25 cm
Full colour
ISBN: 978-0-9584975-1-0
Price: $25

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