Messages and Meaning

The MTN Art Collection

In September 1997 MTN, one of the leading cell phone companies in South Africa, made a modest purchase of artworks by South African artists. This marked the beginning of what was to become a major corporate collection of South African art. Now comprising some 1400 African and South African works, the collection has been energetically researched, published, traveled, exhibited, discussed, debated and admired. The writers who have contributed essays to Messages and Meaning: The MTN Art Collection are renowned South African critics, art historians, anthropologists and curators. They share their insights on the artworks in the collection, the messages they embody, the stories they tell, the ideas they communicate and the spaces -- both architectural and psychological -- that they occupy.

304 pages
29 x 24 cm
Full colour
ISBN: 0-9584860-6-9
Price: $40

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