Painting then for now

Fragments of Tiepolo at the Ca' Dolfin'

Svetlana Alpers, James Hyde, Barney Kulok

Painting Then For Now weaves together the contiguous disciplines of art history, painting and photography to consider the act of looking at painting as a creative practice in itself. Svetlana Alpers, James Hyde and Barney Kulok sustained a conversation about Giambattista Tiepolo, each bringing their own understanding of, and personal habits when viewing his art to bear on looking at his paintings.

The three collaborators spent six hours in August 2006 in front of three canvases from Tiepolo's Ca' Dolfin cycle (1726 - 1729) depicting Roman battle scenes and triumphs, in New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art. Alpers, Hyde and Kulok shot sections of the canvases with an 8 x 10" camera, that were taken back to the studio for further discussion, resulting in nine photographic negatives, then scanned into a computer, dissected and further sectioned into a final nineteen images. Printed at two to three times the size of the actual canvases, these digital prints forcefully bring us deep into Tiepolo's painting practice, revealing pigment, impasto, canvas weave, and minutiae not available to the unprompted eye. Painting Then For Now. Fragments of Tiepolo at the Ca' Dolfin reproduces all 19 images from the suite of works in sumptuous color spreads that graphically reveal the intimacy and modernism inherent in Tiepolo's painting.

72 pages
10 x 11 in
Full colour
ISBN: 978-0-9584975-7-2
Price: $20

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