Straight from the Hellbox

Curated by Phil Sanders

November 7 - November 23, 2013

Curator's Note

Straight from the Hellbox is an exhibition gathering publishers and printers to show off the fruits of this yearís labors of love. Printmaking is a full contact, team sport, with dedicated fans. The artists brought their best and it would have been a shame for these prints to have fallen into the cracks in the wake of Hurricane Sandy and the demise of the Editions | Artistís Book Fair.

David Krut, a long time supporter of printers and artists, has opened up his gallery for this exhibition because he believes in the power of the print to multiply the artistís voice. The prints cover a wide range of traditional and experimental techniques and include artists that are well known and soon to be known. David and I both believe that the unique part of printmaking is the collaborative spirit. That encapsulates Davidís approach to publishing and my approach in curating this exhibition.

A hellbox is a printerís bin for discarded type and press parts. It is where a printer goes to find a missing letter or spare part to fix a broken press. The printerís motto: Make it Work, means the hellbox is turned to and gone through often.

Glen Baldridge, Sarah Crowner, Alex Dodge, Chakaia Booker, Ann Hamilton, Trenton Doyle Hancock, Joseph Hart, Daniel Heyman, William Kentridge, Florian Meisenberg, Kreh Mellick, Serena Perrone, Sara Sanders, Louise Sheldon, James Siena, Carlos Vega, Diane Victor, Chuck Webster, B. Wurtz

Cade Tompkins Projects, David Krut Workshop, Dieu Donnť, Forth Estate, Flying Horse Editions, Highpoint Editions, Island Press, Marginal Editions, Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop, Wingate Studio